Hi! I'm Paul and I'm just happy to be here!

I'm a Latinx/American actor and director from Western NY with a BFA in Music Theatre from State University at Buffalo! Feel free to look around!


Paul is currently spending his quarantine in Rochester, NY helping to take care of family and working to be a stronger ally. If you would like to work together head over to my contact page! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear a mask.

By Mia Isabella Photography


"The one to beat is the least likely looking — the supremely confident William Barfee (pronounced Bar-fait, if you please), played to absolute perfection by Paul Urriola"

-Borak, Jeffrey. "The audience wins at Theater Barn's 'Spelling Bee'" The Berkshire Eagle 28 August 2018 : The Berkshire Eagle

"As the oddball character physically and vocally, Barfèe is played by Paul Urriola, who gives even his character’s nastiness a certain quality of aggressive charm. He gets to sing the best song in the score, “Magic Foot,” and he does a superb job with it"

-Bergman, J. Peter. "THEATRE REVIEW: the Theater Barn’s ‘Spelling Bee’ is lively, entrancing, plays perfectly." The Berkshire Edge 28 August 2018 ; The Berkshire Edge

"Paul Urriola, as Nicely-Nicely Johnson, is the comic relief throughout and his “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” in Act II is one of the best songs in the entire production; his energy and the choreography make for a fantastic spectacle"

-Durant, Amy. "'Guys and Dolls' is an end-of-summer delight." The Alt  28 August 2017: The Alt

"Paul Urriola, as Nicely-Nicely, grabs the moves and the notes and the energy and knocks our socks—and perhaps other items of our accoutrement—into the atmosphere. It’s theater"

-Bergman, J. Peter. "And if I Were  a Bell I'd Be Ringing." Berkshire Bright Focus 27 August 2017 : Berkshire Bright Focus