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Hi, I'm Paul!

I'm a Latinx/American actor, director, and musician from Western NY with a BFA in Music Theatre from State University at Buffalo! Feel free to look around!


Paul just returned to New York after a successful run of Avenue Q (Brian), and Fully Committed (Sam/etc.) at the OFC Creations Theatre Center in Rochester NY.

If you'd like to work together, please head over to the Contact tab to get a hold of me! 

In the meantime, stay safe and stay well!

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Live in person performances on Friday, February 17 at 7:30PM; Saturday, February 18 at 7:30PM; and Sunday, February 19 at 3PM at OFC's The Old Farm Cafe; Appropriate for ages 13 & up

This devastatingly funny comedy, "Fully Committed," follows a day in the life of Sam Callahan, an out-of-work actor who mans the red-hot reservation line at Manhattan’s number-one restaurant. Coercion, threats, bribes, histrionics— desperate callers will stop at nothing to land a prime reservation, or the right table. Amid the barrage, Sam’s got his own needs to contend with—his recently widowed dad wants him home for Christmas, and he’s up for a choice part at Lincoln Center. While juggling scheming socialites, name-dropping wannabes, fickle celebrities and egomaniacal bosses, can he manage to look out for himself?

Fully Committed is performed by a cast of one, Paul Urriola, who plays the part of over forty roles in this outrageous comedy. click here for tickets!


"The one to beat is the least likely looking — the supremely confident William Barfee (pronounced Bar-fait, if you please), played to absolute perfection by Paul Urriola"

-Borak, Jeffrey. "The audience wins at Theater Barn's 'Spelling Bee'" The Berkshire Eagle 28 August 2018 : The Berkshire Eagle

"As the oddball character physically and vocally, Barfèe is played by Paul Urriola, who gives even his character’s nastiness a certain quality of aggressive charm. He gets to sing the best song in the score, “Magic Foot,” and he does a superb job with it"

-Bergman, J. Peter. "THEATRE REVIEW: the Theater Barn’s ‘Spelling Bee’ is lively, entrancing, plays perfectly." The Berkshire Edge 28 August 2018 ; The Berkshire Edge

"Paul Urriola, as Nicely-Nicely Johnson, is the comic relief throughout and his “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” in Act II is one of the best songs in the entire production; his energy and the choreography make for a fantastic spectacle"

-Durant, Amy. "'Guys and Dolls' is an end-of-summer delight." The Alt  28 August 2017: The Alt

"Paul Urriola, as Nicely-Nicely, grabs the moves and the notes and the energy and knocks our socks—and perhaps other items of our accoutrement—into the atmosphere. It’s theater"

-Bergman, J. Peter. "And if I Were  a Bell I'd Be Ringing." Berkshire Bright Focus 27 August 2017 : Berkshire Bright Focus

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